Myatuk my (GREAT) Great Pyrenees
In Loving Memory 1996-2008
These dogs get their name from the Pyreneen mountain range in southwestem Europe where they have long been used as guardians of sheep herds. The Great Pyrenees is a capable and imposing animal that resembles a small bear, devoted to family, and wary of strangers - human or canine. Bred to be intelligent, independent thinkers a sheep herder could leave his flock under the care of several Pyrs for weeks at a time. The Pyrs would stand guard and attack any predators that dared to come near including bears and wolves. When not provoked, the Pyr is calm, well- mannered, gentle and affectionate with those they love. This is my Pyrs website, she was the greatest friend I have ever known. In January I had to let her go, she had severe arthritis in her hips and although she would have kept soldiering on I made the decision that I felt was best for her. My thanks to all of you that have reached out and a special thanks to the great staff at Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital. I hope you enjoy the pictures.